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-Must be age 14-17
-Must be in good standing in school
-Must be available 3-5 hours each week
-Must enjoy meeting and speaking with people
-Must have parental permission and full support


 Time ~ 01:45 



STUDENTS & PARENTS should take a few minutes to review the Youth Educational Services Program together. YES
training empowers and prepares students for the real world of work. As a YES Trainee, you'll gain many important life
skills and build your self-confidence. YES, YOU CAN make great money while having lots of fun. -REGISTER NOW!


MEMBERS, SUPPORTERS, MENTORS, PARTNERS, and other innovators assist the YES mission in a variety of ways.
By connecting students and parents with innovative individuals and organizations doing good-works, everybody wins.
YES is a social entrepreneurship and a great way for youth to learn to carry their own weight. At YES, we believe
youth deserve the chance to help shape their own future. Additionally, they deserve real educational opportunities,
tools, and guidance from trustworthy adults. -REGISTER TO DISCOVER THE ROLES YOU CAN PLAY.


THE REST OF US within the American village must become more intentional about connecting, collaborating, and
sharing with individuals making positive contributions in our lives, families, schools and communities. By educating
and helping ourselves and others, we create more capacity. Ready to share your good ideas? REGISTER TODAY!




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